IndiGo CEO Offers To Buy Electric Wheelchair For Disabled Teen After Facing Backlash

by Shreya Ghosh
IndiGo CEO Offers To Buy Electric Wheelchair For Disabled Teen After Facing Backlash

IndiGo airlines are facing immense backlash after the horrendous incident with the differently-abled child and his family. Social media users are raging over the airline for such unbelievable behaviour with the disabled teen. In fact, the airline representative was very rude to the family and the situation led to a verbal argument too. Meanwhile, the IndiGo CEO, Ronojoy Dutta showed his disappointment and shared his viewpoint on this accidental event.

The IndiGo CEO Apologised On This Incident

Mr. Ronojoy Dutta shared, as reported by India Today, ‘We recognise too well that parents who dedicate their lives to the caring of physically challenged persons are the true heroes of our society.’

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They Would Like To Offer An Electric Wheelchair For The Child

While discussing this happening, the IndiGo CEO shared that they would want to buy an electric wheelchair for the suffered child to compensate for the harassment caused by the staff. He said, as reported by India Today, ‘We offer our sincere regrets to the affected family for the unfortunate experience and as a small token of our appreciation of their lifelong dedication would like to offer to purchase an electric wheelchair for their son.’

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Ronojoy Dutta felt that the airline crew and staff ‘ made the best possible decision under difficult circumstances’. They cooperated with the check-in and boarding process and wanted to ‘carry the family’. All of a sudden the staff found ‘the teenager was visibly in panic’ in the boarding area and hence they did not allow them to fly.