What To Eat Before A Long Haul Flight? Here Are Some Tips

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
 What To Eat Before A Long Haul Flight? Here Are Some Tips

Long haul flights are super uncomfortable. You might feel trapped inside the carrier and feel irritated and restless too. Food is the solution to everything they say and maybe they aren’t wrong. To avoid feeling sluggish, hangry or sick eating right is necessary. Yes, it does help. Here are some tips on what you should eat before a long haul flight. 

1. Bring A Snack Pack From Home

Well, while you are waiting at the airport the shops and restaurants might feel a lot tempting and you might feel to take a grab. But do not do that. It is better for you to pack some meal from your home itself. Pack something that is low on sugar and has a moderate level of protein in it. A small meal box of some veggies or a protein bar, food of these sorts is the best. 

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Instead of buying a soda bottle or bottle of booze or any aerated soft drinks, go for drinking water. While on a long haul flight it is advised to keep drinking water and keep yourself hydrated, this is to avoid the dry conditions that can be dangerous. 

3. Take Your Dose Of Vitamin-C

Vitamin C protects you from feeling sick or uneasy. The best sources of vitamin C are vegetables and fruits, so bring a portable bag filled with grape-sized tomatoes, oranges, berries, or sliced peppers. You can also drink lemon or citrus water too which is a good source of Vitamin C and also keep you hydrated. 

4. Intake Of Food Rich In Magnesium

You can either have dark leafy veggies or nuts or seeds directly as they are rich in magnesium or you can simply drink a smoothie made out of such magnesium-rich ingredients along with a dash of ginger in it. Such foods help your body release muscle tension and trigger sleep. 

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