Pasta With A Twist! Try Kurkure Pasta In Dubai For Just AED 18

by Deeplata Garde 233

Italian cuisine has our heart. Be it in Italy or anywhere else, we love swirling our forks in some creamy pasta. But what if you are introduced to an Indian twist to traditional pasta? Well, when in Dubai, expect the unexpected. This eatery in Dubai has launched a zing to the Italian dish and it now goes by the name, Kurkure Pasta.

Kurkure Adds The Indian Twist To The Old-School Pasta

Every Indian kid at one point of time in his life must have tasted Kurkure, if not, you missed out on a great snack. So Indian expats staying in UAE know what gem Kurkure is. Hence to remind you of the masala flavours from home, Mai Chai has curated this special Kurkure Pasta.

Basically, our favourite Pink Pasta is added to a Kurkure Masala Munch Packet and topped with crushed kurkure. All of this is combined right in front of your eyes. It serves two people and comes for just AED 18.

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Bring Back Your Childhood At Mai Chai

The cafeteria promises to deliver food that will leave you feeling nostalgic about your childhood. From Kulhad hot chocolate, floating chai and the mouth-watering Maggi, Mai Chai proves to be an ideal place for Winter.

The menu at Mai Chai is filled with our favourite dishes. We loved their Matka momos topped with a lot of cheese. They serve Kulhad biryani which seems enough for an individual. Then they have shawarma, kurkure momos, vada pav, sandwiches, rolls and the list goes on.

So if you want to relish food that brings back your memories from India, we suggest you definitely try Mai Chai in Dubai.

Where: Oud Mehta
When: 7 am to 2 am
Price:  AED 75 for two people

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/MaiChai