Pathan Ki Mehmanawazi! Model Gets Invited To SRK’s Mannat; Shares He Made Pizza Himself

by Shreya Ghosh
Pathan Ki Mehmanawazi! Model Gets Invited To SRK’s Mannat; Shares He Made Pizza Himself

I have a question for all the Shah Rukh Khan fans out there. How many times have you dreamt of getting a teeny tiny glimpse of the only and only? Well, I have surely dreamt of this a lot of times and I am certain that you have too! Well, some people among SRK’s crores of fans have been truly lucky to get the opportunity to meet him. Model Navpreet Kaur is one of the very few ones who got to live her dream, meet Shah Rukh, that too at his dreamy abode Mannat. She shared her precious memory with the Netizens.

SRK Is An Unbelievably Warm Host!

The entire world knows what a gentleman King Khan is. Navneet shares her incredible experience of being invited to the Khan household and all the exciting things that followed. She took to her Instagram to share some glimpses and memories from this extraordinary evening!


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From the legend Shah Rukh Khan baking a veg pizza for Navpreet to escorting her to the cab, she revisited this beautiful memory. The model shared how she felt like dreaming and that someone was soon going to wake her up. She was way too excited to be sitting at the dining table with SRK and his wife and kids. She was way too excited and to not freak out in front of everyone, she had to visit the washroom. Shah Rukh even escorted her to the washroom door.

Navpreet Kaur Enoyed Pizza!

King Khan baked a yummy veg pizza for her and she just had one slice of it. Navpreet got full with just a slice as her stomach was busy digesting her excitement.

The model even shared her experience of interacting with other family members of the Khan household. Navpreet shared how Gauri is a darling, Abram is her new best friend, Aryan is such a sweetheart, and Suhana was busy slaying.

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Well, it was her time to bid goodbye! SRK escorted her all the way down to her cab and even clicked a selfie with the cab driver.

It was surely one of the most precious days of Navpreet’s life!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Navpreet Kaur (@navpreetkaur01)