Khaike Paan Ambani Party Wala! Shah Rukh Khan Caught Casually Gorging On Paan At NMACC Event

by Shreya Rathod
Khaike Paan Ambani Party Wala! Shah Rukh Khan Caught Casually Gorging On Paan At NMACC Event

The NMACC gala was inaugurated on Friday and several people graced the two-day event. The event was truly star-studded with not just Indian but international celebrities like Penelope Cruz, Tom Holland, Zendaya, Gigi Hadid and others present. Some of the performances by these celebs took the event to another level — especially Shah Rukh Khan’s dance on ‘Jhoome Jo Pathan’. Besides dancing, he was spotted relishing paan!

Shah Rukh Khan Relishes Paan At NMACC!


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The Bollywood Badshah has a charm and energy that no one can match! Even today, you will find people waiting outside his Bandra residence ‘Mannat’ just for a glimpse of him. Watching the Badshah perform at NMACC (Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre) on his recent superhit song ‘Jhoome Jo Pathan’ was thrilling — but not as much as seeing him gorge on paan!

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This moment was captured by the German blogger Caroline Daur who was one of the attendees at the event. You can spot Shah Rukh Khan behind her holding paan. Fans were overjoyed with just his glimpse and were in awe!

One of them wrote that enjoying sweets with SRK was her dream and Caroline Daur was living it! Another one wrote SRK casually eating at the buffet is the vibe she is looking for. The rest of them are amazed that Shah Rukh Khan is simply chilling even though he is the dream of a million girls.

Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre

The purpose of establishing this cultural centre was to create a space to promote various hidden art forms. It is a multi-cultural centre located within the Jio World at BKC. With the 2,000-seat Grand Theatre, the dynamic 12S-seat Cube and the technologically advanced 250-seat Studio Theatre, this place is home to three performing art spaces.

In addition to this, the centre houses Art House — where the brilliant work of artists is displayed, and Dhirubhai Ambani Square — where you will be mesmerised by the unforgettable symphony of water, fire, lights and music.

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From April 3rd onwards, there is a list of events lined up that included Sangam/ Confluence, Sufi Qawaali, Gujarati Folk, Carnatic Classical and other artistic performances.

Cover Image Courtesy: Caroline Daur/ Instagram