Pay More For KFC And Pizza Hut As The Outlets Increase Prices Across India

by Shreya Ghosh
Pay More For KFC And Pizza Hut As The Outlets Increase Prices Across India

The constant surge in the inflation rates is taking a huge toll on everyone’s budget. The prices of everything crucial in our day-to-day lives are increasing to an extent that it is easily exceeding everyone’s budget. To deal with the current situation, our favourite fast-food chains also had to go with price hikes due to a rise in the prices of fuel, chicken, oil, and various ingredients. Now you will have to pay more to eat from QSRs like KFC and Pizza Hut.

Price Hike Of KFC:

KFC is famous worldwide for its crispy and delicious menus. Sadly, this QSR implemented price hikes to tackle the surging inflation rate. KFC has already hiked their prices by 8-10% effective from 1st April.

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Price Hike Of Pizza Hut:

On the other hand, Pizza Hut increased its prices some days before KFC. With effect from 20th March, Pizza Hut increased its prices by 2.5-3%. In the past couple of weeks, the market witnessed extreme hikes in most of the products. Apart from fuel, the most significant rise amid inflation in the price was chicken products. It increased by almost 15%.

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The price hike of chicken products is 15% but the QRSs restricted themselves to 10% only. They have hiked up to 80% of their input costs at the moment. So there might be chances of more price hikes of these food giants like KFC and Pizza Hut coming forward. It is only a matter of time to see if the prices increase again or not.