Pee Gate Railway Edition: Drunk Ticket Checker Urinates On Woman Passenger, Gets Fired

by Tooba Shaikh
Pee Gate Railway Edition: Drunk Ticket Checker Urinates On Woman Passenger, Gets Fired

It is hard to believe that we’re living in a world where urinating on female passengers is becoming a trend, yet here we are. In the recent past, many cases have occurred where male passengers, in an inebriated state, went on to pee on female passengers around them. However, such an incident, which has since been dubbed pee gate, has usually taken place in an aeroplane and this disrespectful act is usually done by a co-passenger. In a first, a ticket collector on a train urinated on a woman passenger.

Pee Gate Railway Edition: Ticket Checker Urinates On Woman

The ticket checker was identified as Munna Kumar who was a resident of Bihar. The incident took place on an Amritsar-Kolkata train, Akal Takht Express. He was arrested in Lucknow and was fired from his job effective immediately.

The victim was travelling in the A1 coach of the train along with her husband Rajesh Kumar. According to officials, Munna Kumar was on leave and was not on duty when the incident took place.

The decision to remove Munna Kumar from duty was taken by the Union Railways Minister, Ashwani Vaishnaw. He posted a tweet on his account with a photograph of the termination letter of Munna Kumar. He also wrote that there is zero tolerance for such gross misconduct.

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Increasingly Common Incidents Of Women Being Peed On

Just recently, we celebrated International women’s day on the 8th of March. Everyone showered their social media accounts with posts about respecting and appreciating women. However, it is when such incidents take place that it truly becomes obvious where women truly stand in the eyes of society.

This is not the first time that women have been subjected to such gross misconduct. A few months ago, a male passenger on an Air India flight peed on a female co-passenger because he was inebriated.

This was not an isolated event. Soon after, a similar incident took place on a different Air India flight. This really makes one think about how similar incidents keep happening to women and where, we as a society, are really going wrong.

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