Penta Cafeteria, A Perfect Food Hub To Kill Your Late Night Cravings In Delhi

by Tonakshi Kalra
Penta Cafeteria, A Perfect Food Hub To Kill Your Late Night Cravings In Delhi

If you’re a night owl and it’s Maggi that comes to your rescue when you have those late-night cravings, then we would like to upgrade your choices. We know about your love for Maggi but wouldn’t it be amazing if you have more options for midnight snacks? Though Delhi may not have the best of reputation after dark. But when it comes to food, the capital can beat anything. Yes, Penta Cafeteria in Gujranwala Town of Delhi is one of the great food joints where every night owl must head to!

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What is it?

Penta Cafeteria is a small stall in front of Pentamed Hospital in Delhi which has been serving some delicious snacks for many years now. This place is open till the wee hours of the morning. This place takes the concept of cafe to the street, quite literally.

They have outdoor seating space where there is a table with few chairs. Some people prefer parking their cars near the stall so they can enjoy the delicious food there.

Now talking about their food, this place is flooded with great options. Yes! They serve over 30 kinds of Maggi and almost 50 varieties of Pasta.

These include – Double Masala Maggi, Mushroom Tikka Maggi, Chilli Chaap Maggi, Paneer Tikka Maggi, Red Sauce Chilli Paneer Pasta, Mozrilla White Sauce Tikka Pasta, White Sauce Mushroom Tikka Pasta and so many more *drooling already*

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What’s more!

If you think that the awesomeness of Penta Cafeteria ends here, then hold on! Apart from their vast varieties in Maggi and Pasta, they also have scrumptious Pizzas and Grilled Sandwiches, each having ‘n’ number of options. This stall is also known to serve the most toothsome Afghani sandwich too. It’s simply scrumptious and comes slathered with lots of creamy salsa, mayo and various dips!

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At Penta cafe, one can find a great blend of food from varieties of Maggi, Pasta, Cheesy Grilled Sandwiches, Pizza to Garlic bread, Burgers, Kulcha, Coffee and Shakes. All at affordable prices!

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So if your tummy has already started rumbling, drop everything and hop on with your squad at Penta Cafeteria and offer your hungry souls the best of midnight meals!

Address: Penta Cafe – 663, Near Pentamed Hospital, Derawal Nagar, Gujranwala Town
Timings: 8 am to 4 am
Cost: ₹500 for two

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