Pet An Elephant For A Day And Enjoy Royal Rides At This Village Near Jaipur

by Shreya Ghosh
Pet An Elephant For A Day And Enjoy Royal Rides At This Village Near Jaipur

How will you react if you hear that you can pet an elephant? Seems so fascinating, right? You can now own an elephant for a day and play with them in a village near Jaipur. The name of the place is ‘Hathi Gaon’ and visiting here is surely going to be extremely interesting.  The Pink city has so much to offer and this is just like the ‘cherry on the cake’. This place is not well-explored like the other destinations in and near Jaipur but it is attracting tourists slowly.

Explore The Hathi Gaon

Nestled in Amer, Hathi Gaon is quite a unique tourist attraction in Jaipur. In the land of forts and historical elements, this is something that comes ahead with its distinct features. Presently, the village houses over 100 elephants and their mahouts. Architects Rahul Mehrotra, Cyrus Patella, and Robert Stephens worked on constructing this architectural project. It took around 4 years to complete the total place in 2010. It was built for the elephants to rest after working at the Amber fort during the daytime. In fact, it is India’s first and the world’s third elephant village at that moment.

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Pet An Elephant For A Day In Hathi Gaon

While on your trip to this place, you can pet an elephant for a day and have fun throughout. Play with them, give them a nice bath, click pictures with them, and simply create memories. The most enjoyable activity here is the ‘elephant safari’. The tourists mostly come here to experience the elephant ride.

Apart from such activities and a world of elephants, many housing units can be seen all around. The houses are built in clusters to encourage unity among different people in the community.

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In conclusion, the place is worth visiting once. It surely falls on the off-side, away from the main tourist location but the experiences like elephant safari are quite enjoyable.