Pet Cat Goes Missing At Delhi Airport. The Owner, An Air India Passenger Blames The Airline

by Shreya Ghosh
Pet Cat Goes Missing At Delhi Airport. The Owner, An Air India Passenger Blames The Airline

Another day and another mismanagement incident by Air India is coming to the limelight. This time a passenger lost her pet cat while flying with the airline and she slammed Air India for allegedly not being able to manage her pet on this journey. The flyer named Jangneichong Karong was catching a flight from the Indira Gandhi International Airport when she unfortunately lost her cat. One of her friends has shared the entire incident on Twitter and how it proceeded further. Read on to know how the flyer ended up losing her cat in the busy Delhi airport.

Air India Allegedly Lost A Flyer’s Pet Cat

A Twitter user Sony S. Somar (@sonyssomar) talked about the entire mishandling incident on a Twitter thread. Sony tweeted about her friend losing her pet due to negligence by the airline staff.

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Jangneichong Karong was about to catch her flight to Imphal at the Delhi airport with her 2 pet cats, according to a report by News 18. The staff informed her that she won’t be able to fly with them to the cabin on her ticket. She was provided with two options; either reschedule the journey or travel in the business class. The passenger decided to upgrade to business class so that she can fly with both her furry friends but unfortunately, there were no seats on the business class on that flight.

She had no option but to travel with her ticket and make her cats travel in the cargo. Everything was going well until she came to know that a cat ran away from there.

Sony S. Somar & Jangneichong Shared About The Conversation With The Airline

Jangneichong blamed Air India for allegedly losing one of her cats. She shared that it was mismanagement by the airline as she sent the cats in a well-built cage. She added that the staff did not take enough care of her kittens and that led to this terrible situation.

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Air India apologised for the inconvenience.

There have been no further updates on the whereabouts of the pet cat yet.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Sony S. Somar (@sonyssomar)