Photographer Scuba Dives To Click Alluring Photos Of Whale Graveyard Underwater

by Sanmita A
Photographer Scuba Dives To Click Alluring Photos Of Whale Graveyard Underwater

A photographer took photos of a whale graveyard underwater while scuba diving. These photographs grabbed our attention, and they are mind-blowing. In a news report by Newsweek, a photographer while scuba diving won a prize in the Underwater Photo Content Wide Angle category. The photographer shared some eerie pictures in Greenland, Denmark. The photographer, from Sweden, Alex Dawson took to Twitter to share these underwater photos that left us flabbergasted.

Whale Graveyard Photographs That Got Us Amazed

The Swedish photographer took to Twitter and wrote, ‘I’m very honored that Scuba Diving Magazine choose my image as a winner of 2022 in the wide-angle category. Last but not least another image also got awarded with an honorable mention. And a big thank you for the first prize onboard the luxurious Red Sea Aggressor III in 2023 😊.’

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What The Visuals Were All About?

The whale graveyard was discovered by Alex and his duo under three feet of ice. As per the news report, the duo swam across the 20 whale bodies to capture these stunning pictures. The post has garnered thousands of likes and comments. And people have appreciated the photographs in the most amazing ways. Take a look.

Congratulations!! Well deserved…beautiful photos. 👏👏👏🤗

It was such an amazing place to dive! I can’t wait for us to go on our next adventure.

Congratulations! These pictures are Stunning! (What is the creature whose bones are laid bare at the bottom of the waters..? I’m guessing ‘whale’, but my imagination wanders in wonder…) 🌟🙌🌟

Well, the photographer has discovered a lot by only going into the whale graveyard through a small hole in the ice. Let us know what you think of these pictures.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/@AlexDawsonPhoto