Pigeon Spotted Inside Ahmedabad-Jaipur GoAir Flight

by Sanjana Shenoy
Pigeon Spotted Inside Ahmedabad-Jaipur GoAir Flight

‘ Kabootar Ja Ja Ja’ seems to have been the reaction of amused passengers when they spotted a pigeon inside the Ahmedabad-Jaipur GoAir flight. Bizarre things happen on flights, and this one seems to have taken the cake. A pigeon was spotted inside the aircraft in Ahmedabad and everyone was getting off their seats trying to catch it. A video for the same was shot by one of the passengers and has been gaining a lot of traction on social media.

Picture Credits: firstindia.co.in

What’s In It?

A passenger in the Ahmedabad-Jaipur GoAir flight stated to TOI, that everyone had boarded the flight. And when the flight gates closed, one passenger opened the luggage shelf and was utterly shocked to see a pigeon. A Twitter user, Prashant Ramwani posted a video, with the tweet ‘Ek Kabootar Plane Ke Andar’ where a pigeon was seen flying around freely inside the plane,  and people were jumping off their seats trying to catch it. An air hostess ducked while the bird flew over her head. And one passenger can be casually heard remarking ‘ Get a boarding pass for the pigeon too!

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People in the flight arose from their seats to witness the bizarre scenario and someone suggested the crew to open the backdoor of the airplane to let the bird out. After some struggle, the pigeon flew out from the plane’s door. However, there is still some speculation whether there were two pigeons or just one on the flight. Did you know Here’s The Reason Behind Most Airplane Seats Being Blue?

Picture Credits: indiaaheadnews.com

What’s More?

A spokesperson of the GoAir flight stated that the flight took off at its scheduled time of 5 pm. However, the airlines put out an official statement regretting the inconvenience caused to its passengers and requesting the airport authorities to get rid of this menace. The flight which was supposed to reach  Jaipur airport at 6:15 pm landed there at 6:45 pm. Well, we all just love to have a good laugh. And bizarre incidents like these is what makes flight experiences interesting.