Pincode By Chef Kunal Kapur With Neuma By Karan Johar Brings A Unique Pop-Up Experience In Mumbai!

Chef Kunal Kapur brings a unique pop-up experience at Neuma in Mumbai offering culinary delicacies.

by Shreya Rathod
Pincode By Chef Kunal Kapur With Neuma By Karan Johar Brings A Unique Pop-Up Experience In Mumbai!

Mumbai is ready for a culinary explosion as Chef Kunal Kapur’s ‘Pincode to Plates: Neuma Edition’ debuts at Neuma by Karan Johar in the centre of Colaba. Pincode to Plates is fueled by this passion for international cuisine. From April 23 to April 29, 2024, an exclusive pop-up series featuring the creative lens of renowned chef Kunal Kapur promises an unforgettable journey showcasing his mastery of fusing regional Indian ingredients with the delicate textures of European flavours straight from Neuma’s kitchen.

Pincode By Chef Kunal Kapur Pop-Up At Neuma


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According to Chef Kunal Kapurpop-up restaurants provide a fun environment for both cooks and diners. They serve as a culinary playground where we may experiment with flavour, presentation, and texture, pushing the envelope. In a lively and cosy environment, diners may experience creative creations, and cooks are free to freely display their artistic abilities.

The Brand Head at Neuma, Gaurav Batra, stated that it’s an incredible opportunity to work with the esteemed Chef Kunal Kapur on his “Pincode to Plates” series! The development of Pincode from its start in the Middle East to its current flourishing presence in Mumbai is a testament to Chef Kunal’s extraordinary ability to discover flavours from throughout the world.

Thoughtfully Curated Menu With Delightful Dishes!


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The carefully designed vegetarian menu includes dishes like Surti Khavsa with Farsaan and Chilli Oil, Baby Potato Aloo Tuk with Green Apple Salsa and Truffle Bechamel, and Textures of Mushroom with Kashmiri Morels and Porcini Soil. Desserts like Pincode Chennai Tiramisu, Elaneer Payasam Panna Cotta, and Mango Sorbet guarantee a delightful end to this pop-up series as they bring this amazing culinary adventure to a close. 

The nonvegetarian pleasures include Tandoori Salmon with Gujarati Chundoo Chutney and Pickled Mooli, Goan Chorizo with Brown Onion Curry with Goan Poee, and Lamb Chops with Bhatti Masala and Raan Korma. Chilean Sea Bass or Lobster in Kudampuli Curry with Curry Leaf Rice are also among the delectable options. 

You’ll experience an exciting journey of unexpected and exquisite flavour combinations with each bite, which is a testament to Chef Kunal’s ability to honour the international kitchen while remaining loyal to his Indian heritage. 

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Enjoy a set dinner that has been carefully chosen to highlight the culinary talents of Pincode by Kunal Kapur and Neuma by Karan Johar.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pincode by Kunal Kapur/ Instagram & Neuma/ Instagram

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