Pink, Purple & Now Gold! Bangalore Is Filled With Golden Trumpet Trees & It’s Gorgeous

Bangalore golden trumpet
by Sanjana Shenoy

It’s no secret that Garden City, Bangalore is the ultimate destination to witness the best of botany. From the lush green Cubbon Park to the iconic Lal Bagh, the greenery knows no bounds. During the summer and spring, Bangalore gets bathed in pink and purple thanks to the Pink Trumpet trees taking over the city. And now, the Internet has gone gaga over the city’s Golden Trumpet trees. Here’s all about it.

Golden Trumpet Trees Bathe Bangalore In Bright Yellow Hues

Bangaloreans, Akshaya Sivakumar (@AkshayaS90) took to Twitter to appreciate the city’s Golden Trumpet tree blooms. She shared beautiful pictures of trees filled with yellow flowers. Here’s what she wrote in her caption, “While I was aware of the pink trumpet blooming in Bangalore in spring, and the Jacaranda trees as well, I chanced upon bright yellow blooms a couple of days ago, which were radiant even at night! On digging further, was surprised to learn that they are trumpets too, just yellow!”

The Golden Trumpet tree is also called Handroanthus Chrysanthus. Native to South and Central America you can now catch a glimpse of these yellow trumpet-shaped flowers in full bloom. There are streets filled with Golden Trumpet trees in Bangalore that will just take your breath away. While Bangaloreans are well aware of the cherry blossom-like Pink Trumpets, these Golden Trumpets signify that sunshine and summer are here.

Twitteratis Share Stunning Pics

Akshaya Sivakumar also shared a picture of a Golden Trumpet tree at night. With fully-bloomed bright yellow flowers, the trees shine brightly even at night. It almost looks like marigolds are growing on trees. In her caption, Akshaya says that there yellow trumpet flowers surely put a smile on her face.

While the Golden Trumpets are lesser known on the Internet than their pink cousin, nevertheless they are a sight to behold. Many previous tweets feature the underrated flowers in their full glory in Bangalore. Pranava Tandra shared pictures of both Pink Trumpet and Golden Trumpet trees perched next to each other, painting the city in hues of pink and yellow. And it’s breathtaking!

So, have you ever witnessed a beautiful yellow tree in your city? If you’ve seen the Golden Trumpets then paint our comments section with pictures and stories.

Cover Image Courtesy: @pranavatandra/ Twitter