Pitra Paksh: Dishes Indians Tend To Avoid During Shradh Season

by Shreya Ghosh
Pitra Paksh: Dishes Indians Tend To Avoid During Shradh Season

Right now is the third day of the ongoing Pitru Paksha according to the Hindu Calendar. This is a Shradh season of 15 days and it began on 10 September. This will continue till 25 September 2022. During these 2 weeks, many Indians honour and pay homage to their ancestors. Generally, the eldest son follows a strict daily ritual and presents offerings to their ancestors. There are several rituals to follow with Hindu traditions during the Pitru Paksha where the son performs Shradh, Tarpan, and Pind Daan. The restrictions are very strict during this 15-day Shradh season and people need to avoid several foods. These are some foods to not consume during the Shradh season.

Indians Tend To Avoid These Dishes During Shradh Season

1. Non-Vegetarian Food

It is a complete no-brainer that Indians do not consume or even go near non-vegetarian foods during the Shradh season. In fact, in most Hindu rituals, non-vegetarian dishes are a complete no-no. In fact, there are some vegetarian foods that are also a major no during this time.

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2. Masoor Dal

Several kinds of lentils such as masoor dal are a no-no during the Shradh season. People also do not eat lentils such as black urad, sattu, chickpeas, and split lentils during the Pitra Paksh.

Shradh Season

3. Onion & Garlic

According to Ayurveda, onion is seen as thought about as Tamasic, and garlic is Rajasic. Onions and garlic can produce heat in the body and increase the temperature. Due to these reasons, Indians do not consume these vegetables during the shradh season.

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4. Raw Grains

Indians avoid consuming different types of raw grains such as pulses, rice, and wheat at this time. Uncooked forms of any raw grains are not meant to be eaten in Pitra Paksh. If required, one can consume it only after cooking.

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5. Tobacco & Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol are also restricted to consumption during the 15-day Shradh period.

In fact, Indians avoid eating food ingredients and vegetables such as black salt, brinjals, jeera, cucumbers, mustard, potatoes, arbi, and radish.