Plan B Has Got Nagpur’s Cheesiest Burgers

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Plan B Has Got Nagpur’s Cheesiest Burgers

Is gorging on cheese your guilty pleasure? Do you wolf down burgers with your friends every other day? If yes, we have the perfect place for you all to indulge and even those on a diet, hail cheat days. Plan B in Nagpur serves the cheesiest versions of burgers that you’ll ever find in all of India. There’s variety, sauces, spice, fries and of course, a whole lotta molten cheese goodness. So what are you waiting for Nagpur peeps?

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All About Plan B
Hitting you with cheese overload in Nagpur, Plan B has some crazy offerings for you. We all like burgers and fries and cheese available in most places, ever imagine all 3 in one? Plan B did! And so was born the cheesiest ever Fondue burger (₹229). It’s a nice fat juicy burger with fries in the burger’s hollowed out middle section and comes with a huge cheese injection. All you have to do is take this injection and fill your burger up nicely with all that liquid cheese.


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Not a big fan of cheese? Don’t worry, Plan B also serves an extremely spicy burger called the Boogeyman Burger, basically the sauchi burger of Nagpur. Be sure to order a nice cool drink when you’re having this to keep that spice in check. And if you want to try something else, the place also serves filling rice bowls. What else do you need?


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There is also a Mac n Cheese Burger for all you pasta lovers!

Also, if you just want a good old cheesy burger without the added fries, simply call for the Cheese Injection Burger (₹229) and enjoy your ooey-gooey burger without any fries hassle. And if you’re worried about that much cheese messing with your health, we’ve got a study that might prove otherwise, people. Yes, cheese can actually help you live longer! And anyway, ek cheet day toh banta hai boss. Read this article on all the health benefits of cheese and indulge at Plan B guilt free.


Study Shows That Cheese Helps You Live Longer

Address: Plan B, South Ambazari Road, Besides Bharat Petrol Pump, Mate Square, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022
Contact:086009 92775
Avg cost for 2: ₹600