Planning A Pilgrimage In Saudi? Take A Look At These Fresh Guidelines By the Ministry Of Hajj & Umrah

by Deeplata Garde
Planning A Pilgrimage In Saudi? Take A Look At These Fresh Guidelines By the Ministry Of Hajj & Umrah

Hajj Season is approaching and visitors are lining up to book their flights and stays. Following the prep, the Saudi Hajj ministry has announced several guidelines one should follow for a smooth pilgrimage during the season. Let’s go through the directory announced.

Hajj Ministry Has Announced A Fresh Set Of Guidelines For A Smooth Pilgrimage

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has offered advice on forbidden items and customs laws as well as guidelines for pilgrims entering the Kingdom. Age and travel restrictions will be lifted, and Saudi Arabia earlier this year announced that the number of pilgrims travelling there will increase to pre-pandemic levels.

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What Are The Rules To Abide By While Entering Saudi For Hajj?

1. Declare Your Valuables
According to the Ministry, travellers must notify authorities if they are carrying more than SR60,000 ($16,000) in cash or jewels.

Let’s understand when you need to declare your goods

1. When carrying cash worth more than SR60,000 in local or international currency.
2. When transporting gold jewellery or bars worth more than SR60,000
3. When transporting commercially useful items worth more than SR3,000.

4. When transporting objects that cannot be exported or imported, such as antiquities
5. When transporting things that are subject to excise tax

Make sure you fill in the customs declarations in case of the informed conditions. If you fail to do the same, you might tangle yourself in legal proceedings while on your trip.

2. Luggage Restrictions

The ministry also listed the items that pilgrims to the Hajj cannot bring with them.

These are the goods that won’t be accepted as checked luggage at the airport. In order to avoid them on your visit, it is advisable.

1. Luggage that is unwrapped and tied
2. Luggage wrapped with fabric
3. Bags of plastic
4. Overweight baggage

One of Islam’s five pillars, the Hajj, is a pilgrimage that every mature adult Muslim who has the financial ability must complete a minimum of once in their lives. So if you have the opportunity to visit the pilgrimage this Hajj season, make sure you abide by the guidelines announced by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

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