Planning To Visit Venice? You Will Have To Make A Reservation In Advanced

by Shreya Ghosh
Planning To Visit Venice? You Will Have To Make A Reservation In Advanced

If you are planning to explore Venice and its architecture in just a one-day trip, then you have to follow some guidelines to do so. Tourists from all corners of the world travel here to experience the popular gondola rides and experience the magnificence of this Italian city. The crowd here is multiplying every other day and these new rules are to control the over-tourism. Very soon reservations are becoming mandatory to travel to Venice.

You Need To Make Prior Reservations To Visit Venice

Overtourism is something that the Italian city is facing some issues with and advanced reservations are a great way to combat that. Tourists travelling to Italy will surely take a day trip to Venice. The love for this beautiful Italian lagoon city is insane. And if you are also planning your itinerary to travel here soon, then here are some important rules that you need to know. Recently, the Venice tourism department officials announced new rules for the day-trippers. Tourists visiting this city for just a day and leaving the city on the same day itself will have to make reservations in advance and pay a fee. This will come into action from 16 January 2023 onwards.

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How Much Is The Entry Fee?

If you are not spending the night in Venice in hotels or accommodations, then you need to sign up online and mention the date of travelling as well. Also, you need to pay a fee and it will depend on when you are registering and the time you are travelling.  The fee per person will range from €3 to €10. You need to complete the payment and the proof as well. You will need to present the proof and if you fail to do it, get ready to pay a huge fine of about €300.

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No matter if you are exploring Venice throughout the day or just for a few hours, following these guidelines are a must for each and every tourist. You do not have to pay any fees if you are spending a night in Venice and have booked accommodations to spend the night. While booking hotels, you are already paying a lodging tax, so you do not need to follow this payment. Also, no payment is not required for children below the age of 6 years.