Italy May Soon Introduce A Digital Nomad Visa To Remote Workers

by Tania Tarafdar
Italy May Soon Introduce A Digital Nomad Visa To Remote Workers

Are you working remotely? If yes, then you might soon be able to move to Italy and we are not kidding! Itlay is planning to issue a digital nomad visa for those working remotely. According to, the government is working on a bill to implement the law that explains all the details and procedures. We can’t wait to apply for the visa. 

Access High-Speed WiFi In Quaint Italian Villages

Recently, the Italian government announced that it plans to make an investment of €1 billion to attract digital nomads who can work remotely from the Italian villages. With this initiative, they hope to transform 2,000 ghost towns into attractive destinations for remote workers. The government is also bringing high-speed WiFi to these villages. 

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Many European Countries Issues Digital Nomad Visa

However, Italy is not the first country to issue a Digital Nomad Visa. Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Romania, Malta, Croatia, Greece, Malta, and the Czech Republic already have nomad visas in place to attract international residents from remote countries. The digital visa will help the strained countries recover from the damages of the pandemic.

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In January 2022, Spain authorities also announced that they plan to launch the digital nomad visa to attract international travellers to the country while they work for companies located across the globe.