Tourists Will Soon Have To Buy Entry Tickets To Visit Venice

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Tourists Will Soon Have To Buy Entry Tickets To Visit Venice

Now that many countries have lifted the restrictions on international travel, tourism is on the rise. People have already planned their vacations and getaways after the stressful covid period.  In the wake of this, Venice, the city of lakes and also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, is introducing a new booking system and an entry fee of up to €10 for day trips.

Main Hotspots Get Crowded

Over the Easter weekend, the main tourist attractions in Venice, including Palazzo Ducale and Piazza San Marco, saw tons of visitors, and the number drew closer to pre-pandemic visitor numbers. Further, this led to overstretched resources and crowded streets. On April 16, more than one lakh tourists visited.

Measure To Tackle Overtourism

The city of Venice has always faced the problem of over-tourism. In 2019 it had reached a crisis point with over 30 million visitors with some visiting for just a day. The city’s officials have been looking for methods to deal with the crowds and keep residents delighted, including a new pre-booking system to limit the number of people coming into the city.

Scheme Starts From June 

People will have to book tickets online before visiting the place. The main points of Venice can be accessed only through the QR codes provided. The prices will vary according to the season wished to be visited. Additionally, the electronic gates will have around 500 cameras to ensure that non ticketed visitors do not enter. The virtual key will be provided on cellphones for all the students, workers and residents. 

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