Venice Gets Ready To Welcome Tourists; City To Charge Tourists Up To ₹870 For Entry

by Tania Tarafdar
Venice Gets Ready To Welcome Tourists; City To Charge Tourists Up To ₹870 For Entry

Italy has been one of the most hard-hit countries. And while the country suffered huge losses at the onset of the pandemic. Italy is proposing a ‘new model’ of tourism that will help them rebuild their tourism industry. Italy wishes to reopen the tourist hotspots, Venice and Florence with upgraded safety measures. The two cities Venice and Florence urged the government to give them more powers to regulate the tourist industry when travellers return eventually. However, Venice will charge visitors a fee of ₹870 for access. The Italian city will also require prospective visitors to reserve access in advance and turnstiles will be installed at the main access points of the city.

New Tourism Model To Enhance & Protect Italian Cities Of Art

And while most of Italy entered a new lockdown on Monday, the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella proposed a new model of tourism to enhance, promote, and protecting cities of art. The tourism model should be adopted by other parts of Italy as the country must be ready for tourism as soon as the international borders open. Planning To Travel To Italy? Fill This Questionnaire To Know If You Can Visit The Country.

Venice & Florence Had Become Ghost Towns Since Pandemic

Tourists swamped Venice and Florence before the pandemic so much so that the government had to introduce tourist tax to limit the numbers of visitors. However, since the onset of the global pandemic, both the cities have been giving an extremely deserted look. The pandemic forced the country to ground international travel, devastating the economy and leaving more than one lakh people in Italy dead. Satellite Images Of Venice’s Waterways Shows Clear Canals During Coronavirus Lockdown.

We cannot wait to visit these iconic Italian cities again.