PM Modi: India Will Start Special AYUSH Visa For Foreign Nationals Seeking Medical Treatment

by Sanjana Shenoy
PM Modi: India Will Start Special AYUSH Visa For Foreign Nationals Seeking Medical Treatment

On April 21, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India shall soon launch a special Ayush visa category for foreign nationals seeking medical treatment in India. This announcement was made at the inaugural session of the Global Ayush Investment and Innovation Summit 2022  in Gandhinagar. The Ayush visa will boost tourism and also promote India’s age-old traditional medicines. Read on for more details on the same.

Ayush Visa To Help Foreign Nationals Travel To India For Medical Treatment

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated in his speech at the event that foreign nationals can travel hassle-free to India for Ayush therapies. He addressed the gathering stating that the Centre has an array of initiatives to promote the Ayush sector. This includes a digital portal connecting medicinal plant farmers with Ayush product manufacturers. Medical tourism has been on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic. In India, Kerala is a well-known hub, attracting medical tourists from all across the world.

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Picture Credits: PTI

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Turmeric Exports Increased Manifold During Covid-19 Pandemic

Modi further stated that the idea for the Ayush visa and Ayush summit occurred to him during the Covid-19 pandemic that created havoc across the world. He stated that the world witnessed how Ayurvedic medicines, Ayush kada helped people to build their immunity. In his words, turmeric export from India increased manifold during the pandemic. With this in mind, the government decided to increase their investment in Ayush sector and also launch Ayush visas for foreign nationals seeking traditional Indian medical therapies.