Police Raids Popular Nightclub In Gurgaon; Seizes Heroin, Cocaine & Marijuana

by Suchismita Pal
Police Raids Popular Nightclub In Gurgaon; Seizes Heroin, Cocaine & Marijuana

Gurgaon’s popular nightclub, Casa Danza, is making headlines now, albeit for the wrong reasons. The Haryana Police recently carried out a raid at the pub and seized drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana and hashish. Blood samples were also collected and sent for testing from 288 people.

Gurgaon Nightclub Raided For Illegal Drugs

Gurgaon nightclub
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Upon getting notified about the use of illegal drugs inside the pub, the police officials had started an investigation into the same. They had been closely watching the happenings inside the pub for the past three months. When they finally raided the place, they discovered 6.30 grams of heroin, 3.67 grams of MDMA, 10.67 grams of hashish, 6.30 grams of cocaine and 6.30 grams of marijuana cigarettes. Some tablets were also discovered at the place. Nearly 300 visitors at Casa Danza, along with three owners and three managers, were booked.

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An Incident Of Sexual Assualt Was Reported From The Pub Earlier

Located in Gurgaon’s Udyog Vihar, Casa Danza had earlier come into the news when a bouncer had reportedly inappropriately touched a girl. The incident had also led to a fight and detention of eight people. There were also reports of bouncers stealing a smartwatch and cash. A few other pubs and restaurants also came under the spotlight earlier for brawls and other alarming reasons. Khel Gaon Marg’s Aquila was heavily criticised when its employee disallowed the entry of a woman in a saree.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash