Portugal Tourism Education Head Says Curated Tourism Packages Can Link Goa & Portugal

by Shreya Ghosh
Portugal Tourism Education Head Says Curated Tourism Packages Can Link Goa & Portugal

Tourists who have explored both Goa and Portugal can surely feel the Portuguese influence on Goan architecture, cuisine, and culture. And there is a major chance now that both these beautiful destinations can create a great connection and enhance their cooperation. If you are wondering how these two destinations so far away from each other can be linked because of similar culture and historical bonds, specially curated tourism packages will be massive help here.

Here’s How Goa & Portugal Can be Connected Using Tourism Packages?

Ana Paula Pais is the Head of Training and Education at Turismo de Portugal. According to a report by BW Hotelier, she visited Goa just sometime back. Her purpose in visiting here was to attend and participate in an international student exchange programme. Ana Paula Pais talked about how Goa and Portugal can work on building a strong network and cooperation with tourism packages.

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This international student exchange programme continued for about 4 weeks at V M Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education in Goa’s Raia. The delegation of Portuguese students and faculty attended this programme as well. The delegation team included 12 students from 12 different Portugal institutions. Ana Paul shared how they learnt so much about the authenticity and culture of Goa and the people living in this beautiful place.

What Was This International Programme All About?

  • This international student exchange programme comes under the Collaborative International Training and Education Program and Turismo de Portugal.
  • It was a four-week-long programme where the participants learnt so much about Goa and its traditions.
  • They got to explore and visit so many experiences and places such as exploring a spice farm, seeing Bhagwan Mahavir sanctuary, field trips, visiting Dudhsagar waterfall, enjoying a feast in a temple, attending demo sessions, and a lot more.
  • Many activities of this programme helped the participants to learn about producing Goa’s famous drink, feni.
  • They also got to learn about Goan cuisine, the ingredients used, and the methods of cooking.

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There has been no confirmation or further statements about building the connection between Goa and Portugal using curated tourism packages. If something like this really comes to reality, it will certainly be great.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva