Post Office To Deliver Mangoes To Homes In Bangalore

by Sanjana Shenoy
Post Office To Deliver Mangoes To Homes In Bangalore

Bangaloreans! If you’re craving for sweet, juicy mangoes, then we have some great news for you. The Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation (KSMDMC) has now made arrangements to deliver mangoes to your homes with the help of the postal department. CG Nagaraj Managing Director, KSMDMC announced that the postal department has agreed to deliver mangoes from April 17. He further added that the mango harvesting has commenced on a smaller scale. Only 50% of the mangoes will be available this year as the flowering has been dull for many reasons, including early rain. But in spite of these issues, you can still satisfy your mango craving thanks to the post office in Bangalore.

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How Can You Order Mangoes?

If you’re salivating already, then here’s what you need to do to order a box of mangoes. From April 17 onwards, order mangoes on You can get mangoes directly from the farmers. Around 2 dozen farmers have registered on this portal to supply the juicy fruit to various parts of the city. The mangoes are also devoid of cancer-causing calcium carbide, used for ripening. They are all naturally ripened or have come from KSMDMC-approved ripening chambers. These chambers use natural gas for ripening, which is an acceptable process, worldwide.

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Choose between 3kg boxes of Raspuri, Badami and Sindhura varieties of mangoes. CG Nagaraj mentioned to The Hindu that they have supplied 5 tonnes of mangoes to apartments in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar. Since the postal department weren’t able to supply the fruits two weeks ago, the farmers were roped in. They directly supplied the mangoes, so it wouldn’t go to waste. Since it was a tremendous success, they decided to extend this to other parts of Bangalore. However, each apartment or layout will have to order 250kg, to make this a viable venture for farmers who transport mangoes in trucks. Keeping social distancing norms in mind, the mangoes will be delivered at the gate. From Asking Bananas To Paying Hospital Bills Bangalore Police Deals With Weird Requests During Lockdown

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What’s More?

For those of you who don’t know, Karnataka is the 3rd largest grower of mangoes after Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Nearly 100 varieties of mangoes are grown across 1.8 lakh hectares in around 115 districts. But unfortunately, the flowering has reduced so mango varieties like Malgova and Mallika will only be available 40% compared to last year. But large quantities of the sour Totapuri will be available since it a high-yielding hardy crop, according to Nagaraj. The reduction in crop and the need for transport during lockdown has led to an increase in mango prices. So get ready to shell out more. Nevertheless, we’re sure the delicious mangoes will definitely make up for this.

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