Press Conference On A Moving Train! Dr. S. Jaishankar Conducts One; Watch

by Shreya Ghosh
Press Conference On A Moving Train! Dr. S. Jaishankar Conducts One; Watch

We have watched videos of many press conferences and one thing that is common in every event is that it takes place at a specific venue. A proper stage is decked up to welcome the guests and this is where they stand or sit to interact with the press and media. Unlike all these conferences, Dr. S. Jaishankar recently conducted a one-of-a-kind conference whose venue was a train. Now, isn’t that something extraordinary? Read on know all the deets about this event.

Dr. S. Jaishankar Held A Press Conference On A Moving Train!

The Minister of External Affairs of India took to his official Twitter account @DrSJaishankar to share some sneak peeks of this event conducted on a train in Mozambique. This conference was also attended by the Mozambican Transport Minister, Mateus Magala.

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As seen in the video, Dr. S. Jaishankar conducted the press conference while travelling on a train. He was surrounded by some ministers, the media, and the press with their cameras. He was seen interacting with the crowd and sharing conversations with them. The Minister shared the video on Twitter captioning that it was “A novel experience”! We can clearly understand how unique and extraordinary this press conference has been!

The Minister Of External Affairs of India Is In Mozambique!

Dr. S. Jaishankar shared that he travelled from Maputo to Machava on a ‘Made in India’ train. He took a ride on this train with Mateus Magala, the Mozambican Transport Minister. He also shared a video on Twitter where we can see both ministers enjoying a great train journey while talking with each other sitting on the window seats. Rahul Mithal, the Chief Managing Director of the Rail India Technical and Economic Service, also accompanied them on this train ride.

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The Minister is in this African country from 13 April and he is going to stay here till 15 April. During his visit here till now, he met the Mozambican Politician, Esperanca Bias. He also visited the Vishvambhar Mahadev Mandir in Maputo.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Dr. S. Jaishankar (@DrSJaishankar)