Pride Month: Mumbai Schools Now Have Gender Neutral Uniforms And Designations

by Shreya Ghosh
Pride Month: Mumbai Schools Now Have Gender Neutral Uniforms And Designations

A lot of things are happening all around the world every day. One of the most positive news from very recent days is that Mumbai schools are choosing a progressive journey to embrace inclusivity and diversity. Some schools in the city of dreams are now following gender-neutral uniforms, greetings, and designations to put an end to all the unnecessary gender stereotypes.

Mumbai Schools Follow Gender Neutral Uniforms And Designations Now

Birla Open Minds International School is one of the first Mumbai schools to follow these progressive and important initiatives of including gender neutrality in schools to build a safer and developing environment for everyone. This school has over 100s branches all over India. Birla Open Minds International School in Walkeshwar and its other 138 branches are now following the decision of general neutral uniforms and designations.

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Mumbai Schools

The school will greet everyone at events by announcing ‘Hello everyone’ or ‘Dear guests’. The greetings, ‘Hello, ladies and gentlemen’ will not be a part of any meetings and events of the school anymore. This will surely be revolutionising in breaking the stereotypes of gender impracticalities.

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Many Schools Will Soon Have Gender Neutral Uniforms

In fact, the Aditya Birla World Academy is following this impactful and progressive decision. The school is starting gender-neutral uniforms for the students in the upcoming academic year. No matter what the gender of the student is, they can choose to wear any uniform regardless of their gender. The aim of the school is to stop the stereotypes and differentiation between different genders. Students of different genders will now find a safe place in school to discover themselves and get to know and learn more about themselves.

Among the most reputed Mumbai schools, Oberoi International School was one of the first schools to work for and support queer. They initiated Queer Support Groups and supported them. The library of Oberoi International School is full of queer-friendly books. We believe it is a great medium to teach the students and break the stereotypes. In fact, the school is taking a huge step in teaching the students about various gender identities and gender pronouns.

This is surely a great initiative by various Mumbai schools. Pride Month is going great and such news makes everyone’s struggle for fighting the societal norms worth it!