Pune Man’s 18 Months Solo Trip Recognised As ‘Longest Continuous Exploratory Expedition’ In India  

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Pune Man’s 18 Months Solo Trip Recognised As ‘Longest Continuous Exploratory Expedition’ In India   

I am sure many of you have at least once given a thought to going on a solo trip. Honestly, just embark on that journey, and trust me, you will be forever grateful to yourself. Well, if you are trying to find inspiration, we have the perfect one for you. Tehzoon Karmawala, a real estate developer from Pune, embarked on a solo trip, and now it has been recognised as the ‘Longest Continuous Exploratory Expedition’. 

Pune’s Tehzoon Karmawala’s 18 Months Solo Trip

Tehzoon Karmawala, a Pune native and real estate developer by trade, set out on his expedition in an SUV in October 2021. He covered 63,000 kilometres while exploring India’s rich tapestry.

During his 18-month solo trip throughout the length and breadth of the country, he visited 104 national parks, 54 tiger reserves, 32 elephant reserves, and more than 40 world heritage sites, to name just a few. 

He is also the first person in India to visit every location in a single journey. His accomplishment has been certified as the “Longest Continuous Exploratory Expedition” by the India Book of Records and World Records India.

The purpose of this remarkable expedition by 42-year-old Tehzoon Karmalawala was not just to follow his passion but also to document and showcase the breathtaking beauty of the country’s rich and varied landscapes to the world.

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Trekked For 2,100 Km To Reach Destinations

During his 18-month solo trip, Tehzoon trekked for 2,100 km to reach various destinations. These destinations were not accessible by vehicles, so he trekked to them. He met several indigenous tribes living in and around the forests and got the opportunity to experience and understand their belief systems, practises, and rituals towards the forests, food, handicrafts, and arts.

Obtaining permission to visit the locations and logistical difficulties were among the challenges he mentioned while embarking on this journey. Campbell Bay National Park and Galathea National Park on Great Nicobar Island are the only two national parks he could not access. This was due to the travel limitations placed on visitors who were not from the island. 

He mentioned that his fascination for India’s ecosystem and wildlife started after his visit to Kerala in 2014. His love for exploring the biodiversity of India grew so strong with every expedition that he would embark on such journeys on every work break. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he planned the entire itinerary to explore India’s beauty. (As per NewsMeter)

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What are your thoughts on his journey?

Cover Image Courtesy:@tehzoon/Youtube