Qatar Citizens Can Apply For An Electronic Visit Permit For The UK, Starting October 2023

by Deeplata Garde
Qatar Citizens Can Apply For An Electronic Visit Permit For The UK, Starting October 2023

Applying for a visa is a tedious affair and depending on the country the process varies. Today we have an update regarding the UK Visa. Qatar citizens are now officially entitled to apply for an electronic UK Visa. The government announced this news only regarding Qatar citizens before any other GCC countries.

Qatar Citizens Can Now Officially Apply For An Electronic Visa For The UK

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of Consular Affairs released a statement. According to it, Qatar nationals are able to submit applications for an electronic UK visa permit online, beginning in October 2023.

The cost of the visa, which is valid for two years and numerous entries, is 47 Qatari Riyals.

The British government decided earlier this month to change visa requirements for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members and Jordanians. The fact that Qatar would be the first nation to use this programme was to its benefit.

The new plan stipulates that Jordanians and citizens of the Gulf will simply need to pay the stipulated sum in order to receive a UK visit permit.

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No Visa Is Required To Enter The UK

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Nationals of Qatar are among those who are eligible to enter the UK without a visa. But there are certain pointers that should be taken into consideration. As long as they are travelling to conduct business or tourism, and their stay does not exceed six months they are allowed to enter the UK without a visa.

However, holders of Qatari passports who intend to visit the UK for up to six months must possess either an electronic travel authorization or a British visa waiver that has been authorised. Qataris must currently apply for a UK EVW( Electronic Visa Waiver), but shortly they will also need to submit an application for an ETA to the UK.

For stays of up to six months, all members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), including Qatar, will be required to get a UK Electronic Travel Authorization.

So if you reside in Qatar or know any Qatari friends then make sure you inform them about this latest update. All the above-given statements are in accordance with the government.

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