Radhika Apte’s Flight Delayed; Passengers Locked Inside Aerobridge With No Water And No Restrooms

by Mallika Khurana
Radhika Apte’s Flight Delayed; Passengers Locked Inside Aerobridge With No Water And No Restrooms

In a dramatic start to the day, Bollywood luminary Radhika Apte found herself caught in a tumultuous situation during her scheduled morning flight on January 13. The actress, known for her versatile performances, took to her Instagram account to share a troubling series of events that unfolded during what was meant to be a routine journey. We have all faced the inconvenience of delayed flights at some point in our lives. However, this incident goes a little further. Not only were the passengers agitated from the hours of delay, but they were also locked inside the aerobridge.

Radhika Apte’s Flight Faces Delays


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Radhika Apte documented this bizarre incident on Instagram and filled us in with the details. On January 13, she shared a distressing experience during her scheduled morning flight. The actress, set to board her flight at 8:30 AM, faced a series of complications that resulted in a frustrating ordeal. According to Apte’s Instagram post, the airline initially announced the boarding process, leading passengers to board the aerobridge. 

However, to their dismay, the airline abruptly changed its decision and locked the aerobridge. They actually trapped Apte and hundreds of other passengers inside the plane. The actress expressed concern for passengers with small children and elderly individuals left stranded in the confined space.

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Passengers Were Locked Inside The Aerobridge

Photo Credits: Radhika Apte/Instagram

Apte also revealed that the airline staff seemed unaware of the situation. The security refused to open the doors, leaving passengers in a state of confusion. The actress communicated briefly with a staff member outside. Surprisingly, she downplayed the situation, claiming there was no issue or delay. Ultimately, Apte and fellow passengers found themselves locked inside without access to water or restroom facilities.

Adding to the frustration, Apte disclosed that the crew had undergone a change, and the new crew was awaiting arrival. However, the exact timing remained uncertain. The actress also shared that the airline informed passengers that they would be stuck inside until at least 12 pm, turning the travel experience into an unexpected and unwelcome ordeal. 

The incident left Apte and her fellow passengers in a challenging situation.

Cover Image Courtesy: Radhika Apte/Instagram

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