Rahul Gandhi: If You Tell Me To Go Somewhere, I Would Rather Go…| Curly Tales

by Sanjana Shenoy
Rahul Gandhi: If You Tell Me To Go Somewhere, I Would Rather Go…| Curly Tales

On the latest episode of Sunday Brunch, our guest is none other than Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi. Curly Tales, Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani enjoyed a wonderful Sunday dinner with Rahul Gandhi at his Bharat Jodo Yatra campsite in a village in Rajasthan. The famous politician opened up about his favourite food, childhood and travel stories, foray into the world of politics and much more check it out.

Rahul Gandhi Prefers The Journey Over The Destination

During the Sunday Brunch episode, Curly Tales, Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani asked Rahul Gandhi where he’d like to go on a holiday, especially if he wants to take a break from his current sometimes stressful life.  Rahul Gandhi said that the journey is what matters more than the destination. He adds, “So, you know, I find this journey that I’m doing very interesting.”

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He emphasised his outlook towards life, where he enjoys and focuses more on the journey than the destination. Rahul Gandhi goes on to reminiscence the time he’d cycle long distances with his friends. He adds, ” I used to like that. But I don’t think of it like, oh that’s a place I want to go! I think about it as that’s a journey that I’d like to take.”

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The politician also said that he likes to visit unexplored destinations. He says to Curly Tales, “If you tell me, to somewhere, I’d rather go somewhere I’ve never been. I have some preferences because I’m interested in certain histories and certain cultures. So I have some preferences like based on that, but not specifically a place.”

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He Has Cycled Across Europe

Kamiya Jani later asks the Congress leader if he has ever travelled solo. Replying in the affirmative, he says he has gone backpacking many times. The politician reveals that he went backpacking to Burma when he was younger. And also cycled across Spain and Italy.

Well, to see a never-before-avatar of Rahul Gandhi, don’t miss out on this Curly Tales interview. And let us know what were you surprised to know about him.