Railway Board Raises Issues Concerning Staffs Using Shortcut Ways. Talks About Alarming Incidents

by Shreya Ghosh
Railway Board Raises Issues Concerning Staffs Using Shortcut Ways. Talks About Alarming Incidents

Entire India is now discussing train signals and operations after the tragic train accident in the Balasore district of Odisha. We are focusing on such things after something so scary happened resulting in deaths, injuries, and losses. But a Railway Board Member raised some important points about some significant issues back in April 2023. The Railway Board specified several major problems related to improper signaling by the staff and the usage of shortcut methods.

Here’s What The Railway Board Stated:

Railway Board
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A few months ago, the railway board started asking the zonal heads about the improper shortcut methods. The board stated that the staff is not paying proper focus in such cases as there were times when signalling gears and points were found using such shortcut methods. It was seen that signal and telecom staffers did not reconnect the gears properly and that too without testing. These are very scary incidents that can turn out to be hazardous. The board also pointed out 5 “alarming” incidents from different railway zones of India, according to a report by LiveMint.

RN Sunkar wrote the letter to the general managers of the Indian zonal railways on 3 April, according to a report by Hindustan Times. The letter is named “Unusual Occurrences — Adoption of shortcut methods by Staff”.

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Unfortunately, all these alarming incidents had a common point and it is pointed out that the gears were not reconnected perfectly even after completing the process of maintenance. There were several inaccurate steps in the process such as switch/turnout replacement, wiring issues, and signal failures. These small concerns and faults can turn out to be so scary for proper train operations. These can leave a major impact as well.

Concerning Points Mentioned In The Letter Are:

Railway Board
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  • The letter stated how the ground and telecom staffers are not focusing on the necessary changes. They are still using shortcut methods.
  • Another major concern pointed out here is that the staffers do not do proper testing of points.

Focusing on such concerns in signalling system and all the protocols is important. These are some significant steps toward proper protection and safety.

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