Good News, Indian Railways To Offer Free Food To Its Passengers! Details Here.

indian railways free food
by Shreya Rathod

In India, the railway network is an important part of the country’s infrastructure. Indian Railways offer an efficient and cost-effective way of travelling the country. And more than thousands of passengers travel by them to cover longer distances. However, they are still machines and can be late in reaching their destination due to various reasons. And for passengers waiting for these trains, Indian Railways has a provision where they will be provided with free food!

Indian Railways To Provide Free Food!

indian railways free food

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It often happens that you have to wait for more than for passenger trains. However, if you are travelling by Shatabdi, Rajdhani or Duronto and any of them are late, then you can avail of this special service! In case the train is late for more than two hours, the Indian Railways provide free food. Based on the time of lunch or dinner, meals will be made accordingly. Additionally, you will also get refreshments like tea, coffee and biscuits.

Passengers are entitled to free food (Railway Free Food), under IRCTC regulations. You are granted access to this facility if your train will be more than two hours late. The express train’s passengers are the only ones who can use this service. For passengers of express trains like the Rajdhani, Duronto, and Shatabdi, this information may be very helpful.

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IRCTC’s Food Processing & Delivery

indian railways free food

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According to a Mint report, IRCTC is responsible for unbundling by establishing a distinction between food preparation and food delivery aboard trains. It was constructing new kitchens and renovating old ones to improve the standard of food preparation. Except for base kitchens and kitchen units, minor static units (such as catering stalls, milk stalls, trolleys, etc.) must be managed by Zonal Railways. The strategy specified that the kitchens, managed by the zonal railways, be turned over to IRCTC. They will continue to oversee the management of the Food Court, Fast Food Units, and Food Plaza.

This revamping was primarily intended to provide our customers with high-quality, sanitary meals at reasonable costs; any resulting increase in revenue earnings was solely incidental to the above exercise.

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