The Kalka-Shimla UNESCO Heritage Railway Line Is Equipped With World Class Amenities; Look!

by Shreya Rathod
The Kalka-Shimla UNESCO Heritage Railway Line Is Equipped With World Class Amenities; Look!

The Kalka-Shimla railway is one of the UNESCO Heritage Railway Lines. It offers some of the best scenic views of hills and surrounding villages. But most importantly, it is one of the oldest railway lines in India. Recently, the Ministry of Railways shared some pictures of upcoming coaches of this railway. Take a look at the modern amenities and seating arrangements of the new Kalka-Shimla railway coaches.

Kalka-Shimla Railway To Get A Makeover

The train Coach Factory (RCF) in Punjab’s Kapurthala created prototype narrow gauge carriages. And they were launched for the mountainous Kalka-Shimla train route on Tuesday. Prototype coaches were used for the trial of four coaches. It included one for each an —AC Executive Chair Car, an AC Chair Car, a Non AC Chair Car, and a Luggage Car.

Firstly, these coaches will be moved to Kalka for the second stage of the comprehensive oscillation experiments. According to an Indian Express report, they will be put into service on the Kalka-Shimla route based on the results of the experiment.

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What’s In Store For The Train?

Kalka-Shimla railway
Credits: Wikimedia

The RCF will produce 30 of these cutting-edge narrow gauge panoramic coaches, featuring four AC Executive Chair Cars (12 seats), eight AC Chair Cars (24 seats), thirteen non-AC Chair Cars (30 seats), and five Luggage Cars. Moreover, these coaches have an enhanced air brake system, upgraded bogies, and a lightweight shell. To allow passengers to fully appreciate the grandeur of the mountains and valleys, they will have sliding windows in the second class and power windows with darkening vista glass in the top classes.

Additionally, the coaches will have contemporary safety features like CCTVs and fire alarms, anti-UV coated windows, powered doors, heating/cooling package AC, linear concealed fans, linear LED lights, modular seating with flip-back rail-mounted seats, restaurant-style seating with luxury seats for Executive class, onboard mini pantry, luggage bins, inter-car gangway, etc.

The railway was constructed under Herbert Septimus Harington’s supervision to link Shimla to the rest of the country’s train network.

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Therefore, it is about time this iconic train gets a makeover!

Cover Image Courtesy: Ministry Of Railways/ Twitter