Railways Urges Passengers To Bring Their Own Blankets Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

by Sanjana Shenoy
Railways Urges Passengers To Bring Their Own Blankets Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

The Western and Central Railways have urged passengers to bring their own blankets as they won’t be providing this in AC coaches to contain the spread of coronavirus. The Railways has also decided to take our curtains from their trains until further order. So if you’re planning to travel long distance by train then you’d have to bring your own bedsheets and blankets. This is the need of the hour, and even though it’s advised you refrain from any sort of travel, but in case of an emergency if you have to travel long distances by train then it’s BYOB ( Bring your own blanket) time!

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What’s In It?

The Western and Central Railways have headquarters in Mumbai. A representative from the Western Railways stated that curtains and blankets in AC coaches will be withdrawn as they are not washed every trip. The representative stated that in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 curtains and blankets will be immediately withdrawn from service until further orders. He added that passengers are advised to bring their own blankets in their own interest. Wide publicity will be given to this effect and some quantity of additional bedsheets will also be kept for any emergencies.

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The authorities at the Central Railway have issued a similar statement revealing that other items in the bedroll like bedsheets, towels and pillow covers are washed every day. A notice regarding the same will also be put up in all coaches. A Central Railway Public Relations Officer urged all railway personnel to clean and sanitize all coaches and maintenance depots thoroughly since they are in public contact and there is a chance of the virus spreading, as Section 144 has also been Imposed In Mumbai Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

What’s More?

The personnel at Indian Railways have been strictly instructed to clean and sanitize all windows, handles, coach fittings, dustbins, snack trays and electrical points among others. Pest or rodent control measures are also being intensified. The statement released by the Railways revealed that intensive cleaning including steam cleaning will be done in pantry cars. Special focus will be given to intensive cleaning of washbins, toilets, toilet seats and hot water jet cleaning will also be provided to maintain atmost sanitation and hygiene. Did you know Louis Vuitton To Start Manufacturing Face Masks & Sanitizers For Hospitals In France?

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On-board housekeeping staff have been given napkin rolls, liquid soap, disinfectant chemicals for frequent service especially for toilet, washbasin cleaning and dustbin clearance. The statement further assures passengers that attendants have been advised to be alert and look out for any passenger with cold or cough symptoms and segregate the linen items to be used by them. These linen items will be separately washed and will be soaked in a high temperature to sanitize them thoroughly.