Louis Vuitton To Start Manufacturing Face Masks & Sanitizers For Hospitals In France

by Sanjana Shenoy
Louis Vuitton To Start Manufacturing Face Masks & Sanitizers For Hospitals In France

The French luxury group, which owns Louis Vuitton, LMVH will soon be converting its cosmetic factories into hand sanitizer producers for hospitals in France. This decision was taken by LMVH out of concern that there will be a shortage of sanitizers in France. The European country is currently facing a crisis due to coronavirus pandemic and has registered around 5423 confirmed coronavirus cases and 127 deaths.

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What’s In It?

LMVH produces perfumes for companies like Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy. The French luxury goods company stated in a press release that it intends on manufacturing hand sanitizer at its factories in France for distribution across 39 hospitals in the region. French health authorities will be delivered the gel for free so they can combat the spreading virus.

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The luxury goods maker stated that it wants to help authorities tackle the nationwide shortage of anti-viral products across France. LMVH will be using the production lines of its perfumes and cosmetic brands to manufacture huge quantities of hydroalcoholic gels. LMVH stated that it will continue to honour this commitment of manufacturing sanitizers for hospitals in France for as long as necessary. Coronavirus Scare: European Airlines Flying ;Ghost Planes& Burning Tonnes Of Jet Fuel To Keep Slots

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What’s More?

France has currently shut down its restaurants, cafes and non-essential stores to combat the virus which has infected an estimated 165,000 people and lead to more than 6,000 deaths worldwide. Governments across the world have urged manufacturers to assist them in making products that are in shortage amidst the virus outbreak. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of UK has asked engineering firms to shift production to build ventilators for hospitals. Whereas in China, the electronics giant Foxconn which produces Apple iPhones has now been shifting production to manufacture surgical masks. Well, we hope that like Louis Vuitton’s owner LMVH, many more large companies follow suit and produce anti-viral products that are in shortage around the globe. Did you know France Urges People To Stop Kissing Each Other Due To Coronavirus?