Rajma Chawal Takes The Spotlight: Two Indian Dishes Score In Top Bean Dishes!

by Mallika Khurana
Rajma Chawal Takes The Spotlight: Two Indian Dishes Score In Top Bean Dishes!

In the rich array of global cuisines, Indian food stands out as having a vibrant and tantalising spectrum of flavours. Bursting with spices and regional specialties, it’s no wonder that India’s culinary prowess has earned worldwide acclaim. Amid this diverse culinary landscape, there’s one dish that has captured the hearts and taste buds of millions in India and now finds itself basking in the international spotlight – the beloved Rajma, especially when paired with its soulmate, Chawal (rice). Taste Atlas, the renowned global food catalogue and review website, has ranked rajma (red kidney beans) and rajma chawal (red kidney beans with rice) among the Best Bean Dishes in the World.

Rajma Ranked On Best Bean Dishes In The World List


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While this inclusion of rajma in the list doesn’t come as a surprise, it is a happy day for all of us. The comfort and joy every bite of rajma brings us is now globally recognised. Ranked at the 18th spot, rajma is a popular North Indian dish known for its rich gravy. Although originally from Central Mexico and Guatemala, it has become a staple in North Indian cuisine. Rajma is hearty, nutritious, and one of the most loved vegetarian curries in Punjab and North India. It is traditionally made with onions and tomato purée, which forms a flavourful gravy for the red kidney beans.

Ranked at the 24th spot, Rajma Chawal is a popular combination where rajma is served with rice. This dish offers a complete vegetarian meal suitable for lunch or dinner. These rankings highlight the popularity and unique flavours of these Indian bean dishes, showcasing their place among the world’s best bean-based cuisines. Rajma and Rajma Chawal have earned recognition not only in India but also on a global culinary stage.

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Here Are The Top 10 Winners

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While the Indian classics have rightfully claimed their spots, let’s take a mouthwatering journey through some of the other delectable bean-based dishes that have captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts around the globe.

  1. Gigandes Plaki, Greece
  2. Khoresh Gheymeh, Iran
  3. Pasulj, Serbia
  4. Tutu de Feijão, Brazil
  5. Feijoada, Brazil
  6. Feijão Tropeiro, Brazil
  7. Sopa da Pedra, Portugal
  8. Shambar, Turkey
  9. Oxtail with Broad Beans, Italy
  10. Sopa Tarasca, Mexico

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Have you tried any of these other global bean dishes?

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