Rajpal Yadav Takes Team Curly Tales To The Temple He Visits Every Ganpati Festival

by Suchismita Pal
Rajpal Yadav Takes Team Curly Tales To The Temple He Visits Every Ganpati Festival

No matter how old we become, we always find comfort in revisiting the places where we had spent our younger days. The same goes for actor Rajpal Yadav. When he had first come to Mumbai in 1997, he was staying in Vanrai Colony, Goregaon with his flatmates. In a Tere Gully Mein interview with Curly Tales, the actor said that he also used to cook for himself and his roommates during those days. Now after spending 25 years in Mumbai, he is a big name in the acting industry. But Rajpal has not forgotten his roots. He still visits the Ganpati temple at Vanrai Colony on every Ganpati festival and Navratri. The temple is close to his heart and he even took team Curly Tales to the place.

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Rajpal Yadav Visits Ganpati Temple At Vanrai Colony On Every Ganpati Festival

After reaching the temple, Rajpal said, “This is one place where I do not get any invitation. But I come here every Ganpati festival and Navratri even without any invitation”. He also knelt in front of Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva at the temple. He said that a stage is built at Vanrai Colony during the Ganpati festival. “I get invitations to visit places all across the country, but I never get an invitation here. But if I am available, I come here to meet everyone, from the young to the old. After getting down at Mumbai for the first time at Borivali, I had the first meal at Vanrai Colony. Four of us had decided then that we would stay together in one room at the colony for a year.”, said the actor.

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The Actor Had Stayed In Vanrai Colony For 5 Years

“I had stayed in Vanrai Colony for 5 years and I had the fortune of cooking food too during that period. I can make dal, chawal, roti, sabzi and everything.”, added Rajpal. He also said that there are many actors who had spent a good part of their time at the colony. He mentioned that actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui had also stayed there. The actor also took us to a New Zealand hidden within Mumbai.