Rajputana Mutton Cooked With Whiskey Is Going Viral & We’re Salivating For This Boozy Dish

by Sanjana Shenoy
Rajputana Mutton Cooked With Whiskey Is Going Viral & We’re Salivating For This Boozy Dish

Carnivores, if you can’t imagine a trip to Rajasthan without gorging on the quintessential Laal Maas, then we have another meaty recommendation you must add to your food itinerary. And that’s the Rajputana Mutton. Cooked with heritage whiskey, this is a hidden gem of a dish that only food and travel platforms like ours would open your eyes to. Recently, the Rajputana Mutton is going viral and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Rajputana Mutton Cooked With Whiskey Is A Traditional Dish You Must Try

Rajputana Mutton
Picture Credits: Canva

Maharani Mehansar Rajputana Mutton is a rich, mutton gravy with an unusual ingredient— whiskey. Made of goat meat, this dish mixes robust spices with Maharani Mehansar Shahi Gulab whiskey. The whiskey is known to enhance the flavours and spiciness of the gravy. The slow-cooked meaty dish is a classic recipe passed down by families over generations.

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Viral Video Gives A Glimpse Of This

Recently, food vlogger Harry Uppal on his Instagram handle @therealharryuppal have foodies a glimpse into the making of Rajputana Mutton. In the video, you can see a street food vendor cooking rich Rajasthani mutton gravy over a massive kadai. The street food vendor introduces the Internet to the dish and informs them that it’s a traditional dish of the region. First, he pours mustard oil and then adds salt, chopped onions and an assortment of spices like bay leaves, zephyr, green chillies, red chillies and more.


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Next, he adds 10 kg of meat to the vessel. Then, the street food vendor mixes spice powders in a bowl with the heritage whiskey. He adds that the Maharani Mehansar Shahi Gulab whiskey contains 37.5 per cent alcohol. In his words, the alcohol maintains the spice levels in the dishes. The dish is slow-cooked in the kadai for a while. Harry Uppal comments that the aroma is amazing.

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Finally, the vlogger takes a bite of the gravy and relishes it to the last bone. He asks himself why he has never had this dish before. Exactly our thoughts! Why haven’t we heard of it? Now that we have, we had to tell you foodies, all about it. So, where can you get Rajputana Mutton cooked with whiskey? Just head to Zayka Takeaway Since 1996 in Jaipur!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva and Mahansar Heritage liquor/ Facebook