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Dolly Singh
by Sanmita A

Dolly Singh is one of the content creators in India who is creating waves with her characters and content. She recently stepped into the film world and is obviously, creating ripples there too. In a recent episode of Tere Gully Mein with Curly Tales, Kamiya Jani and Dolly Singh went around Delhi’s famous places to try Dolly’s favourite foods, her college memories, what inspired her content characters and more.

Dolly Singh’s Characters Are Inspired By Real Life People

Dolly Singh took Kamiya Jani for a tour of the gullies she lived in during her initial days in Delhi. During the interview, she even interacted with the store owners and other people she knew back then. While Kamiya and Dolly sat to eat a delicious serving of Murdabad Chicken Biryani, Dolly Singh revealed that it was pretty surprising that people liked her funny videos on social media. She even showed how she used to imitate her grandmother as a child. And trust us, Dolly Singh does it in this episode, and it will surely crack you up.

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Dolly Singh Talks About Favourite Shopping Destination


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As Kamiya and Dolly headed to try Dolly’s favourite coffee and momos, Dolly also shared about her time in Janpath Market. She talks about how she refined her bargaining skills at the shops in the Janpath market. Dolly began her journey as a content creator by shooting mini-haul videos. The videos had Dolly share her affordable buys from Sarojini Market and Janpath market. Dolly also speaks of her friendship with Komal Pandey. Komal Pandey is also a fashion influencer, and the duo is a famous BFF.

All you need to do is watch the video right now & learn more about Dolly, her work in the content field and her memorable times in Delhi.

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