Rare Beauty Is Coming To India & SoleSearch Is Making Its Indian Debut With A Store In Mumbai

by Shreya Rathod
Rare Beauty Is Coming To India & SoleSearch Is Making Its Indian Debut With A Store In Mumbai

Being a commercial centre, Mumbai is home to some major brands and companies. In fact, you will find everything from cosmetics to clothing brands setting up their stores. Besides this, they have set up stores in different cities across the country! Adding to this long list, two major brands — SoleSearch and Rare Beauty — are coming to India, and here’s everything you need to know about them!

Rare Beauty Is Coming To India!

Rare Beauty is a cosmetic brand by Selena Gomez and its motto was to break unrealistic standards of beauty. In fact, they claim to believe in authentic beauty. According to them, they are on a quest to redefine what beauty is in order to encourage everyone to celebrate their uniqueness. In order to help people feel less isolated from the rest of the world, they wish to encourage self-acceptance.

In an Instagram post, Selena Gomez confirmed that the Rare Beauty store will be opening in India. The post further states to mark the date ‘June 15th’. After hearing this announcement, fans are delighted and can’t wait to visit the actual store!

SoleSearch Is Opening Its First Store In Mumbai

Credits: Press Release

SoleSearch wants to give fans of street culture a comprehensive shopping experience that recognises their enthusiasm and gives them a venue for self-expression with the opening of its Mumbai location. For Mumbai’s thriving street culture scene, the launch will be accompanied by enticing deals, special prizes, and surprises, making it an event not to be missed.

Looking forward, SoleSearch is unwavering in its resolve to grow its clientele and bring the street culture revolution to other Indian towns. In the next few weeks, the company has exciting plans to launch a physical location in Hyderabad, further establishing its status as the go-to source for shoes, streetwear, and the full street culture experience.

Visitors will enter a breathtaking tunnel experience decorated with the distinctive SoleSearch colours beyond the sneaker wall. So, are you ready for the most anticipated stores to come to India?

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Cover Image Courtesy: Rare Beauty/ Instagram & Press Release