5 Reasons Why Azerbaijan Should Be On Your Bucket List

by Pratiksha Acharya
5 Reasons Why Azerbaijan Should Be On Your Bucket List

One thing that has caught my eye is how people are going to the same old travel destinations. All that you can see on Instagram are recycled images of one vacay spot again and again. Which begs the question, do you like travelling to mainstream places too? That question was rhetorical because everyone loves exploring something new. How about ditching that trip to Paris and exploring uncharted territory? Luckily for us, Azerbaijan seems to be an up and coming destination. The landlocked country which is in the halfway zone between Eastern Europe and Western Asia seems to be a hot favourite among Indian tourists. After seeing a rise of 80% in Indian tourism in Azerbaijan, and a direct flight from Delhi, more and more Indians are choosing to fly out to the tiny country. Even though tourism in Azerbaijan is pretty underrated, the government has been taking a lot of interest in promoting it. So, what does Azerbaijan offer that other countries don’t? We decided to find that out ourselves. So, here’s a look at why Azerbaijan should be on your bucket list.

1. Acquiring A Visa Is Really Easy

Because of the influx of Indian tourists, getting a visa to Azerbaijan has become infinitely easier. You can apply for an electronic visa (e-visa) which you can acquire in only three hours unlike visas for other countries which take weeks to arrive.

Image credits: Baku Explorer

2. Azerbaijan Hosts 9 Of The 11 Climate Zones

Unlike other European countries that only get around 4 months of summer, Azerbaijan has a very varied climate landscape, which means that the weather here is always great. You get to experience your European summer all year round.

Image credits: Dxb Blog

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3. It’s Affordable And Perfect For The Indian Middle Class

Holidays abroad come with a hefty price tag. Not when you are flying to Azerbaijan though. Relatively affordable, you can have your international holiday there at a fraction of the price than you would ideally be shelling if you were to travel to the States or Europe.


4. The Food Is Amazing

With influence from both Europe and Asia, thanks to Azerbaijan’s unique geographical location, the food is the best of both worlds. It makes the use of contemporary European cooking and flavour profiles from Asia and is a treat to eat. You will love feasting on their smoky kebabs and sumptuous meat preparations.

Image credits: Culture Trip

5. Azerbaijan Is Really Picturesque

Located near the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan makes for a beautiful vacation spot. The capital city of Baku boasts of modern architecture while still having elements of it previous heyday in the walled city of Icheri Seher which is UNESCO World Heritage site that dates back to the 12th century. But one of the most unique things about Azerbaijan is that it has the most number of mud volcanoes in the entire world.