Recipe Book Says Indian Curry With Apples Is India’s National Dish; Internet Amused

by Sanmita A
Recipe Book Says Indian Curry With Apples Is India’s National Dish; Internet Amused

Indian recipes have their own history, legacy and meanings. Our mothers and great grandmothers have often spoken about how each recipe is unique to every family. So you can already imagine the diversity in the country within every community and even area. Undoubtedly, our cuisines are also varied depending on the state and region. So, naming just one dish in a country with different cuisines won’t be a fair decision.

Indian Curry – National Dish Of India?

But guess what caught our attention and sort of shocked us? In a recipe book, India’s National Dish is noted as Curry! There is no specific mention of any cuisine type, but simply ‘curry’. A Reddit user shared a glimpse of a page in a book named Famous Foreign National Dishes. In the book, they have noted a recipe of Indian Curry and tagged it as the Ńational Dish Of India.

If you look through the recipe of this typical Indian Curry, something which strangely stands out is the use of an Apple. We mean, apple in Indian curries is a very, very rare find. We don’t know of any prominent Indian cuisines where apples are used.

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Apple in Indian Curry And Netizens Reacting To The Recipe

The average Indian will be honestly taken aback by the mentioning of an apple in Indian Curry. And the internet is not happy about it either. But, people have put up their views and commented on how the author must have mistaken the ingredients.

Well, no one but only the writer of this recipe will be able to shed some light on this.

Meanwhile, look at what the other users are thinking of this!



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