Reel Showing Wife Sacrificing Food For Her Husband Receives Flak From Netizens

by Shreya Ghosh
Reel Showing Wife Sacrificing Food For Her Husband Receives Flak From Netizens

Social media platforms are filled with content of different kinds and niches. Many content creators attempt to make relatable videos that are similar to many people’s lifestyles. A video of a content creator is recently making rounds on social media where the wife is seen sacrificing food to feed her husband. She recorded this clip and shared it online. Netizens do not seem to be pleased with such content and the comments under the video is the proof.

Instagram Reel Of Woman Giving Up Her Food To Fulfil Her Husband’s Ask Goes Viral

Content creator Timsy Jain shared a reel that shows how a wife sacrifices her food and ends up giving some portion of her rice to her husband.


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As shared in the video, the husband asks for some rice after finishing his food. When the wife opens the casserole, she notices that there is nothing left. So she secretly scoops up some of her rice and keeps it in the casserole and then serves the rice to her husband. While she is seen sacrificing her food for her husband, he does not even pay attention to all these. He is completely engrossed in scrolling his mobile phone.

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There are so many Indian households, where scenarios like this happen very often. And the content creator glorifying her sacrifice and the ignorance of the husband is stirring up heated discussions online.

Netizens Are Furious About The Portrayal Of Wife Sacrificing Food & Glorifying It Online

Shared on Instagram on 22 July, the video soon started getting viral. The video depicting the sacrifice as something romantic and the husband completely ignoring it is not sitting well with Internet users. Netizens have a lot of questions about this video. From ‘why many people are romanticising this thing’ to ‘why is the husband behaving like that’, they are raising many questions and highlighting the problems in the video.

Here are some of the enraged and fuming reactions of Tweeple.

Twitter user Amit Pun-char-kar (@asuph) reacted by saying “The great Indian male babies who never grow up.”

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What are your views on this video and what do you think of it?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Timsy Jain (@tims_island)