This BTS Video From An Orange Popsicle Factory Has Netizens Calling It “Instant Dysentery”

by Sanjana Shenoy
This BTS Video From An Orange Popsicle Factory Has Netizens Calling It “Instant Dysentery”

Summer season calls for orange popsicles! But did you know that despite its bright, unmissable, vibrant orange colour, these popsicles have no orange fruit at all? Moreover, a food vlogger recently shared a video of what goes behind the scenes in an orange popsicle factory in the country. After watching this video, you may have second thoughts about eating this frozen dessert again!

Vlogger Shares The Making Of Orange Popsicles At A Factory

Food vlogger, Amar Sirohi recently shared a reel on how orange popsicles are made on his Insta page @foodie_incarnate. In the video, firstly the factory workers prepare sweetened water. Then, they add orange food colour for the bright orange hue. Then there’s the essence too for the signature orange colour.


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Next, you can see the machines freezing these lollies and adding sticks to them. The factory workers aren’t seen wearing any safety gear or gloves for hygiene too. You can also see the plastic packets covering the orange popsicles. From preparing the syrup for the ice creams, and freezing them to packaging them, you can see the entire process in no time.

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Just within hours of uploading this video, it garnered over 2 lakh videos and over 13,000 likes. Instagram users are taking to the comments section to share their opinions. While some felt nostalgic looking at these orange popsicles, which they enjoyed in their childhood, many others criticised the unhygienic conditions where these ice creams are prepared.

Netizens Rethink Having This Ice Cream Again!

Others chided the use of artificial colours and flavours used in the factory. Some Netizens commented that they will never eat this again. There was a Netizen who wondered how the government permits factories to run in such conditions. Another commented that it was “instant dysentery”. Another Netizen said, “childhood ruined”

orange popsicles

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Meanwhile, have you watched this orange popsicle-making video yet? If yes, does this encourage you to buy this ice cream next time or run miles away from the orange popsicle that doesn’t have much fruit in it? Give us a slice of your opinion!