Region’s First Female Only Competition, Dubai Women’s Triathlon Results Are Out

Dubai Women's Triathlon
by Deeplata Garde
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Dubai ensures women’s growth in all spheres of life including sports. The Dubai Women’s Triathlon commenced in 2017. The event is held annually in October and organized by the Dubai Sports Council. It is open to both amateur and professional women triathletes. Mona Al Marri names the Dubai Women’s Triathlon 2022 champions under the sponsorship of Mansoor bin Mohammed.

Year of Commencement

Organized since 2017, the Dubai Women’s Triathlon is an annual event. The first triathlon took place on 3rd November 2017. A triathlon comprises three parts: swimming, cycling and running. Despite being a relatively new sport, triathlon is steadily gaining traction globally.

Triathlons can be found in almost every major city around the world. And it is open to people of all ages. The Dubai Women’s Triathlon is one of the most popular of these events. The Dubai Women’s Triathlon features a 40-kilometre combination of three different sports swimming, running, and cycling.

UAE Promotes Women’s Empowerment At A Higher Level

Dubai Women's Triathlon

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Her Excellency stated that the leadership of the UAE gives top emphasis to ensuring that women realise their full potential in all areas, including sports. The nation’s culture and principles are strongly committed to uplifting women. A number of efforts started under the leadership’s direction to improve their performance. Be it in regional, national, and worldwide sporting events, she continued consequently. Al-Marri pleaded with all parties involved to keep pushing for the broadest possible inclusion of women in contests and championships across all sports.

Winner of Dubai Women’s Triathlon 2022

Dubai Women's Triathlon

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After completing the race in 59 minutes and 24 seconds, Asmaa Al-Hajj took the lead in the Super Sprint division. Khawla Al-Muhairi came in second with a timing of 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 51 seconds. Third place went to Aysa Al-Shehhi with a time of 1 hour, 14 minutes, and 56 seconds.

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Likewise the winning time of one hour, 36 minutes, and 14 seconds, Fatima Al-Humairi was the winner of the sprint race. Similarly, with the timing of 1 hour 7 seconds and 26 seconds, the Abu Dhabi Police team took first place in the Team division. Hana Al-Nabulsi topped the podium in the women’s Olympic distance event after crossing the finish line in 2:46:24 hours.

The Dubai Women’s Triathlon is a great way for both aspiring and experienced female triathletes to participate in a high-calibre competition.

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