Rejuvenate With Himalayan Healing Therapy Inspired Spa And Massages As Another Mars Comes To Dubai

another mars
by Vaishalee Kalvankar

There’s nothing like healing! Well, how true is that! After a long week of work, a good massage can ease all the stress. Jumeirah in Dubai is soon going to host an innovative wellness and healing destination, Another Mars. The spa and massages offered here are inspired by Himalayan healing therapy and multi-Asian massage techniques. From spas to therapies, Another Mars is all set to take you on a next level relaxing journey.

Another Mars Comes To Dubai

Another Mars features an amazing array of spa and massage treatments, sound healing therapies, and meditation groups. The two-story space has interiors that speak chic luxury and an ambience that is simple and tranquil. Another Mars brings up a whole new definition of wellness. 

They offer you a true fusion of spa and healing therapies, which you will surely fall in love with. The fusion treatments, like Natural Pulsation, Manual Sports Physiotherapy, and Craniosacral Therapy, offer a 60-minute massage and then a 30-minute sound healing therapy.

The spa and massage treatments offered at Another Mars are all inspired by Himalayan healing therapy. They are fused with multi-Asian massage techniques to give you a never before experience. The products used are completely natural and handmade. 


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Special Membership Offerings

To improve and enhance lifestyles by incorporating health and healing into routines in a sustainable way, Another Mars has created special membership options. 

AM Citizen is an annual subscription plan with monthly payments and a minimum three-month registration that is one of the membership options. Prices for a basic package that includes a variety of spa and massage services as well as group meditation sessions start at AED 1500.

Although one-off treatments are also offered for people who wish to test out an experience, developing a long-term practise is essential to getting the optimum results. Additionally, members have access to exclusive events and packages offered by AM sustainable wellness communities. 

Another Mars offers visitors a place to feel alive, to pause, contemplate, connect, heal, and eventually improve themselves as people through experiences. The experience is specifically tailored to each person’s individual path, resulting in a seamless and lasting encounter.


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When are you embarking on this rejuvenating journey?

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