Relish Green Gol Gappas At This Kolkata Food Stall At ₹10 For 4 Pieces

by Suchismita Pal
Relish Green Gol Gappas At This Kolkata Food Stall At ₹10 For 4 Pieces

Gulping down one gol gappa after another can brighten up our mood at any time of the day. In a typical street shop, gol gappas often come to two varieties- sooji ka gol gappa and atte ka gol gappa. But have you ever tried green gol gappas? These special pudina-flavoured green gol gappas are available at a few places in Kolkata. Gol gappas are known as phuchkas in Kolkata. Phuchkas are made of atta and are loaded with mashed potato, spices and tamarind water.

Places To Try Pudina Flavoured Green Gol Gappas In Kolkata

Pudina flavoured gol gappas can be a heavenly treat to the taste buds of those of love spicy treats. The subtle flavour of pudina merging with tamarind water and the spices creates a burst of flavours inside the mouth. And they can be tried at various food joints in Kolkata. Two of them are as follows:

1. Burtolla Street, Burra Bazar

Burra Bazar in Kolkata is popularly known as the wholesale market of jewellery and garments. It is one of the best places in India to hoard affordable lehengas, sarees, jewellery sets and more. The best part about the food scene in Burra Bazar is that it houses eateries that serve foods from all over India. From north Indian snacks and Gujarati meals to pleasing Madrasi dishes, you can get everything here. And if you’re craving phuchkas, do try the green phuchkas from the stall near Amarnath Mishra and Associates. 5 pieces of phuchka are served for ₹20 here.

Address | Burtolla St, Raja Katra, Bara Bazar, Burrabazar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700007

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2. Kakimar Chaat Centre, New Town

This shop brings the flavour of pudina phuchka to Kolkata’s New Town, which is home to many corporate offices, branded shopping centres and the Eco Park. The stall serves green phuchkas from 5 PM every day and 4 pieces of phuchka are served at an amount as low as ₹10 here. You can try normal green phuchka, khatta meetha jol green phuchka and green doi phuchka out here.

Address | AG Block, New town, Opposite Rail Vihar Gate 2

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Kolkata is a true paradise for street food options. When you’re in Kolkata, along with the green phuchka, you can also try other street foods like jhal muri, papdi chaat, kathi roll, churmur, fish fry and ghoti gorom. For now, enjoy this virtual tour of Kolkata to immerse yourself in the vibe of the city!