Relish The Best Kangri Dham Thali At Himachali Rasoi In Longwood, Shimla

by Sanmita A
Relish The Best Kangri Dham Thali At Himachali Rasoi In Longwood, Shimla

Special meals and thalis are a part of every state’s tradition. Some communities celebrate differently by cooking meals in the most remarkable ways. And as travellers, you must try these delicious meals and thalis when you visit Himachal’s Shimla. In Himachali Rasoi in Shimla, they serve delicious Kangri Dham Thali, which has a lot of different mixes like chana, Teliye Maah, Boondi Ka Meetha and more. This is one of the delightful vegetarian thali from Himachal that you must relist. Take a look.

Himachali Rasoi Serves Delicious Local Food At Affordable Rates

Himachali Rasoi
Picture Credits: Himachali Rasoi/Instagram and Curly Tales/India

Himachali Rasoi serves food dishes like Kangri Dham Thali, Sidu, Babroo, Rehru, Chai, Kangri Chai and more. The thalis are super affordable and serve a variety of dishes which are lip-smacking. The thalis even combine yoghurt-based curries, spinach curries, and fritters. The Sidu dish is another dish you will love that has both sweet and savoury fillings with delicious sides. Further, you must also try the wheat pancakes, Patande, which you can have yoghurt and lentil curry. You can also try the fried wheat bread, and these dishes you can try with warm spiced lassi, Rehru. Himachali Rasoi has all the mentioned dishes, and you must visit this restaurant in Shimla.

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Why Visit Shimla?

If you love hill towns, then the city of Shimla will surely woo you. From its pretty historical streets to British-era structures to the delicious cuisine the city offers, you will love the vibe of Shimla. Also, the pretty cafes and restaurants are places you can’t miss in this quaint town. Every nook and corner of Shimla city has stories to tell, and you should go out exploring when here.

When was the last time you visited Shimla and gorged on authentic Himachali cuisine? Let us know in the comments section below.

Cover Image Courtesy: Himachali Rasoi/Instagram and Curly Tales/India