Renewing Your Rental Contract In Dubai? Here’s How More Rent You Have To Pay

by Deeplata Garde
Renewing Your Rental Contract In Dubai? Here’s How More Rent You Have To Pay

Analysts predict Dubai’s residential property will hit an all-time high this year. Is your leasing deal coming to an end soon? Constantly worrying about chances of increased rent? Renters in Dubai can use the Dubai Land Department’s online Rental Index to make the process of renting easier. It gives renters a clear idea of how much their rent will go up whenever their lease expires.

What Is The Procedure Of Rental Increase?

If your rental contract is on the verge of expiry there’s a high chance that your landlord will increase the rent. But don’t fret because according to the law, you will get notifications related to the same beforehand. A landlord is liable to inform your at least 3 months in advance before renewal. Also, always check the increase is according to the rental index of the UAE.


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What If The Landlord Hikes the Rent Excessively

If your rent has increased significantly and is now higher than the threshold imposed in the Rental Index, you can approach the Dubai Land Department’s Rental Dispute Centre at 800 4488. Your landlord by law needs to notify you of any rent increases 90 days in advance. Articles 6 and 14 of the ‘Dubai Law No. 26 of 2007 often known as the Dubai Rent Law, state as much.

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Rent increases must be in accordance with RERA’s Rent Index. Even if your landlord decides to raise the rent, he or she cannot do so beyond the Dubai Land Department’s specified limit. The rate of rising is usually determined by how cheap your rent is in comparison to the area’s average rent for your unit. This is the maximum rental increase a landlord can make, according to DLD.

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